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Know About Our Organisation

Bespoke Nursing Solutions is a one-stop shop for all health related clinical placement needs.The team has excellent expertise of skilled, qualified and credentialled Registered Nurses who are up to industry standards ensuring future nurses are well-prepared for future healthcare challenges.We have a team of skilled, qualified, and certified nurses that provide facilitators to budding nursing students. We cater our services to the requirements of nursing students as well as the growing demands of today’s healthcare sector. Team Bespoke has an excellent combination of different expertise with all the staff being credentialed under AHPRA and are up-to-date with all the relevant qualifications required for being a clinical facilitator.

Our staff with the relevant qualifications and clinical experience provides top-quality education services as well as superior clinical supervision to nursing students. The team has a combined total of over a decade in teaching and facilitating nursing students within the domestic and international cohort within different platforms of Registered and Enrolled Nursing.

Apart from the basic qualifications that are required to work in Australian healthcare, our team is also qualified with Certificate IV in Training And Assessment which further assists in customising teaching for students from cultural and linguistic background.The team is up to date with all the mandatory compliance requirements like current police checks, working with children’s check, immunisations as per government requirement. Bespoke Nursing Solutions will be an one-stop shop for the nursing placements from orientation to final Appraisals.

Why We Stand Out

Bespoke Nursing Solutions stands apart in the industry for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

Our Values

Bespoke Nursing Solutions will ensure that the core values are in line with all the nursing services that we offer. We are committed to upholding our guiding values that will help us to provide appropriate services.


We believe in ongoing learning for staff and students


We celebrate diversity as that helps to build a greater understanding about each other.

We offer excellent Clinical Placements for Nursing Students


Academic tools for clinical facilitation which are used to keep and up to date record of placements


To facilitate proper student supervision, there are several tools we use for proper clinical supervision of our students. Here are a few of them.